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"Creating a Bellflower Book brings a whole new meaning to the adage 'it is better to give than to receive.' I loved pulling together a beautiful book of memories for one of my best friends on her wedding day and watching the bride and her mom tear up as they read it told me they loved it just as much."

"I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but every Bellflower Book design is so beautiful and the experience is so personal that I felt like the finished product was truly my work of art."

~Camie Corrigan

"Receiving a bellflower book at my bridesmaid lunch before my wedding made a memorable event even more than I could have imagined. Reading these wonderful letters from my closest friends, family, parents and even fiance was over overwhelmingly touching and such a great keepsake I will cherish forever. I tear up every time I read it! There is no better way to show someone how you care or make an event more special than a Bellflower Book!"

~Nicole H.

"I love my book and will treasure it always!"

~Karen B.

"I made a Bellflower book for my sister. I gave it to her as a surprise gift at her rehearsal dinner. I knew that some of the wonderful details of the events leading up to the wedding might get lost, so i wanted to give her a way to look back and remember all the fun. I also asked family and friends to contribute to the books to make it extra special. I was very impressed with how easy the process was. The book turned out better then I could have hoped! It was a beautiful hard cover book with pictures and letters that she will be able to hold onto for the rest of her life! I am so happy with this wonderful product!"

~Elyssa S.

"The book my little sister made for me for my wedding was my favorite gift of all, I am so glad because you can't put something like that on a registry! It's amazing to see how much was involved in the planning and the letters of love and support from the women in my life is something I will always treasure."

~Laura Skiver

"With my sister's bridal shower coming up, I had been searching for a meaningful gift rather than something off her registry. She had presented me with a scrapbook at my shower years ago, but I simply didn't have the time to manually compile one...that's when I turned to Bellflower Books. It was such a great concept – everything was done electronically and I could watch the letters and pcitures be submitted by all of her friends.  It was so easy and I didn’t have to check the mailbox, go to a store and buy a scrapbook and all the accessories, It was all done for me!  When I received the book in the mail I knew right away that everyone would love it.  The design was beautiful and the letters and pictures just added to the keepsake.  My sister opened it at her shower and was so surprised… it was a truly cherished gift.  Thanks Bellflower!"

~Jennifer N.
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