May 9, 2012

Spring Flower Photos for your Bellflower Book

Sometimes when people create a Bellflower Book we notice that there are a few pages without photographs.  A lot of the time this is because the person creating the page did not have a proper photo for the occasion.  We decided to help people out by creating a series of blog posts with somewhat "generic" but attractive photographs that can be plugged in for many occasions.  These beautiful spring flowers would be perfect for books with wedding, birthday, anniversary, sympathy, tribute or new baby themes.  The best part about these photos as that they are considered to be in the "public domain" so we are not violating any copyrite laws!  The images shown below are just a fragment of the actual photograph.  I needed to add them to the blog in "actual size" so that when you click to save them they will be saved in a file size large enough to produce a full sized photo in your book!  Just click, save to your desktop as a jpg and upload to any page of your Bellflower Book in need of a special photograph.  See below for an example of how wonderfully this works:)

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