May 15, 2011

Loving the Lilacs

These lilacs are now in my kitchen
Purple lilacs have always been my favorite flower and each spring I look forward to "Lilac Season". If you are lucky enough to have an abundance of lilacs in your yard, make sure to surprise friends and neighbors with a bouquet!  This time of year, those of us without our own lilac bushes are very jealous of you.

We recently moved to a new house, so I was delighted to see a huge hedge of lilac bushes lining my neighbors yard.  I can currently sit on my back deck and just breathe in their wonderful scent.  I also poached a bouquet of them for my kitchen:)  Lilac season is so short that I really feel as though people need to "take time to smell the lilacs".  Now if it would only quit raining around here I could go outside and do just that!

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