June 8, 2011

Etsy Favorite - Jeneri Jewelry

I met my friend Jen, and artist behind Jeneri Jewelry, while I was at the park with my kids in Chicago.  We found out pretty quickly that we were both originally from Ohio and had a ton of similar interests, including little boys around the same age.  We quickly became friends. 

As a special gift when my second child was born Jen made me necklaces like this with my kids initials on one side and birth date on the back!
 Jen started out making beaded jewelry and selling it at craft shows.  I told her about Etsy, and she became an almost immediate success!  She has since traded her beads for fine metals and I absolutely love her line of personalized and meaningful jewelry.  Jen even incorporates her mother's many talents with a selection of hand made purses, scarves and belts.

I always love talking to Jen and hearing about her latest ideas, designs and adventures as a mom.  She is one of the most genuinely GOOD people I have ever met and deserves every bit of the success she has achieved.  Check out her beautiful jewelry and treat yourself to something special:)


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