July 27, 2011

Guest Post Series: Leighann of the blog "Multi Tasking Mumma"

I am full of laughter, sarcasm, and well intended humour. I am determined,
driven, never backing down, and I always rock the boat. I am of high morals,
integrity, and expectations.  I am fortunate to be supported and endlessly

He is full bellied chuckles, poking fun, and big grins. He is teaching from
love, a full heart, standing up for himself, and always making waves. He
instilled high morals, integrity, and expectations by example. He supported
and encouraged.

I am from a structured home, rules, and an early curfew. I am from a weekly
allowance, natural and logical consequences, and turning this car around. I
am from apologies, warm, comforting hugs, and meaningful I love you’s.
I am from racing home before the street lights come on, begging to have a
sleep over, and no sugary cereals. I am from peanut butter and jam
sandwiches, wash your face and hands, and standing in the corner. I am from
slamming doors.

His is from an honest days work, a sense of accomplishment, and building a
foundation. He is from two hard working parents, a long career in a job he
loved and was good at, and a strong relationship with his siblings.
He is from worrying about his children, staying up till they get home, and
being a taxi. He is from early mornings, breakfasts made, and trips to the
babysitter. He is from forgiveness, follow through, and consistency.

I strive to be a great mother. I want to build an uplifting home around
respect, structure, and honesty. I hope to raise my child with a strong
sense of self, the ability to stand up for herself, and the knowledge that
she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Just like he raised me.

This meaningful post was written by Leighann of the blog "Multi Tasking Mumma".

Note from Bellflower Books:  I have a dad just like this and I am grateful for him everyday:) This post reminded me again of how lucky I am!


  1. Beautiful tribute to your wonderful father, Leighann! You're a great mother, your little girl knows that :)

  2. Your father sounds great! Nothing beats having a father who shows and gives love and respect and fills the halls with laughter! It shows in your family.

  3. Very sweet and heartfelt. A good foundation is everything...just everything.

  4. Oh Leighann, what a wonderful tribute!

  5. What a great tribute to your dad. Makes me sad that I don't have a good dad anymore.

  6. What a great tribute to a wonderful man!

  7. He looks and sounds like a great man, Leighann. I hope he got to read this.

  8. Thank you all so much.
    This post was very meaningful!

    Thanks Belleflower Books for having me!

  9. I really liked how you wrote this! It's a great tribute to your dad.

    It sounds like our parents raised us in a very similar manner.


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