September 12, 2011

Bellflower Books ~ an excellent way to offer your support to the people who really need it!

I am sure you have heard about our campiagn with the blog Just Be Enough where we are working to donate Bellflower Books to women battling breast cancer.  For every 20 people who link up with Just Be Enough on Mondays, we will donate a $75 gift certificate for a Bellflower Book to the organization Crickett's Answer, a non-proft that offers help and support to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

There are so many ways that a Bellflower Book can be used to provide love and support to people battling illness or loss. 

We love that our product can be used to help people cope during difficult times.  Here are some ideas of how to use a Bellflower Book to help that special person in your life who could use some extra support.

A personal memory book makes the ideal inspirational gift to provide support during difficult times.

It’s so hard to know what to do when someone you love is diagnosed with an illness. From personal experience, we have found that letters of love and support give the most comfort. This is a wonderful way to show your love, which is probably what they need the most!
Bellflower Books is grateful to offer just the right sympathy gift for a loved one struggling with breast cancer or any other illness.
Invite friends and relatives to help build a truly special and touching gift for a cancer patient or survivor. Your favorite photos and inspirational notes are sure to lift spirits!

Honor a great and generous loved one with a custom Mission Book.

Do you know someone who is preparing to do something wonderful or leaving for retreat? Create a custom photo book full of favorite images and supportive letters tell them how amazing you think they are!

Show love and support to a friend or relative serving our country overseas.

There’s no better way to honor a soldier or sailor who is making such a huge sacrifice. Gather favorite memories and photos and build a custom support book that they’ll treasure and keep close until they are safely home again.

Bring your church community together to create a custom Prayer Book full of special thoughts for someone in need.

Compliment the supportive words with peaceful photographs from nature. This is a wonderful way to support someone who is going through a particularly hard time.

Honor a passed love one with a beautiful custom Legacy Book.

When someone close to you passes away it can be therapeutic to create a book full of memories and photographs that document their entire life.
Include letters and memories from people who were around during different parts of their life. This is a wonderful way for people to share stories and memories of a much loved and amazing person.
A customized photo book commemorating a wonderful life is a keepsake that generations of family members will treasure forever.

****Please link up with Just Be Enough today and join the campaign!!!

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