August 31, 2011

Guest Post Series ~ Post by insightful blogger "Slappy in the Face"

When any other man in the world would have left me; my husband, Derek, stayed right by my side, always believing in me and never doubting me.  I will be forever grateful and will never forget what he has done for me.  You can read “My Story” at 

This is my message to him:

When my world came crashing down around me
               you stayed.
When everyone else abandoned me
                you stayed.
When my body gave out and my mind left me
                you stayed.
When I took you for granted and pushed you away
                you stayed.
When I forgot how to love and only knew how to hate
                you stayed.
When I didn’t deserve you
                you stayed.
When I needed you the most
                you stayed.
I am so glad that
                you stayed
You are my everything and I will never forget that
                you stayed. 

Comment from Bellflower Books:  Wow!  Your husband sounds incredible.  I am also really impressed with you.  It takes a lot of strength and courage to write a post like this.  I think that this is also something that many men and women who have fought for their marriage can relate to. Thank you so much for sharing this our our blog!

To learn more about this "Slappy in the Face" please make sure to visit her blog!

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