August 10, 2011

Guest Post Series ~ Featuring Kelly Pugliano of Mom Got Blog

Who Brings Meaning To My Life? My Family. by: Kelly Pugliano, author of Mom Got Blog

When I was asked to write a post for Bellflower, I thought the topic of ‘Write about someone that is meaningful to you in your life and why” would be a breeze. I have so many people I could name off the top of my head that have a special place in my life I could pick just one and write.

Easy Peasy.

Well, I found it is not that easy.

Many walks/runs (I like to think while I run) later, three people kept coming into my thoughts. How could I separate them to write about just one? I couldn’t. Then I realized the three, plus me, do make one; one whole family unit.

And my family? They mean everything to me.

My HusbandI never took great stock in the phrase “Love at First Sight”, until I met my husband. It was instant. I felt as though I had found my best friend and had been with this person forever. My guard, that protected me from anyone wanting to get close, was completely obliterated and his past, present and our future filled my heart beyond measure. He makes me laugh. He makes me happy. And after 20 years together, 18 as husband and wife, he still makes my heart skip a beat when he enters a room. He brought love into my life.

My DaughterFrom the moment she arrived, I felt complete. She has brought the meaning of being a “parent first, friend later” to my life. Determined, stubborn and so incredibly beautiful, she tests my patience at every moment. I can’t imagine my day without talking to her at least once. She made me a mom and for that I will be forever grateful.

My SonWhen this joyous being came into my life, I was given the gift of a type of peace I did not know I could experience. He has always been happy, kind and giving of a sense of humor that makes me laugh, always. My son gave meaning to the word “advocate” for I felt I was always sticking up for his curious, rambunctious ways. It was exhausting, but I never wanted him to feel his uniqueness was stifled in any way. 

My family brings meaning to my life every day. I have been blessed with love, patience and joy. I am lucky, and that fact does not sneak by me unnoticed. I say thank you for every single moment we share together.

Who brings meaning to your life?

Comment from Bellflower Books: I loved how this post made me step back and appreciate my husband and children.  I also have a unique, rambunctious son who I need to be an advocate for.  I love how you embrace that.   I also love how you said he brought peace into your life.  By far, raising my family has brought more meaning into my life than anything else ever has or ever will.  Thanks Kelly for this beautiful post!


  1. Great post, Kelly! I love what you said about being an advocate. My oldest can be rambunctious but boy is he something special. He's hysterical and sweet too.

    And can I just say you look so young for being married 20 years? You're gorgeous!
    Melissa from Momcomm and Adventuroo

  2. I was stuck too but it quickly came to mind who I wanted to write about.

    I can't believe that you've been married for 20 years! And you have a beautiful family, Kelly.

  3. Beautiful post. And I love the family as one. That is as it should be.

  4. Kelly, gorgeous post. You have a lovely family, and clearly a family who is full of love, fun and laughter.

  5. Kelly, your love and passion for your family are pure gorgeous.

    This right here? Is pure love.

  6. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my post with you today!

  7. Melissa! Thank you so much for your kind words! You make me blush!

    You have a curious george too? ;)

    It is so important to let them shine as they are, isn't it?

    You, mama are beautiful!

  8. @Jackie- Thanks you! Yes...20 years. It is awesome! :)

    @Renee- The more I thought about it, the more I gravitated to my family. Just love them!

    @Alison- Thank you so much!I really am blessed to have such an amazing family. We crack eachother up...

    @Galit- Thank you my friend. They are pure joy.

  9. Beautiful post and am going to make my husband read it just so he can see how much he should appreciate me ;)


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