August 8, 2011

My Bellflower Book ~ A Special Gift for my Wedding

My cousin and my oldest friend worked together to create a Bellflower Book as a special gift for my wedding.  It was given to me at my bridesmaid luncheon the day before my wedding. I was so excited! I had been involved with writing a Bellflower Book for a friend, but was so happy to be the one receiving it! I skimmed through it at my bridesmaid luncheon, but found it to be truly amazing to read while I was getting hair and make up done. It was so great, on such an important day in my life, to hear all the wonderful memories from my friends and family and how much they loved my husband and I together.

Everyone who contributed to my book wrote such heartfelt and amazing letters.... but I have to say that the page from my husband was my favorite. He wrote the last page in the book.  After reading letter upon
letter, laughing at times, crying at times, hearing how wonderful everyone thought my soon to be husband and I are together,  I was very emotional. His letter was so heartfelt and the perfect ending to such an incredible book. And if I had any butterflies about getting married, which of course I didn't haha, reading his letter made me want to run down the aisle because I am so lucky to have him!

Bellflower books are truly priceless and make an incredibly meaningful wedding gift. To have a book where all of the people you care about the most, can express how they feel about you is so amazing. I read through it again before writing this post and I laughed and cried just like it was the first time I was reading it.  THAT is why everyone should be luckily enough to receive a Bellfllower book!

Nicole H.
Chicago, IL

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